Miami-Dade County health officials know some of you plan to make like Queen and “Get Down, Make Love” on Valentine’s Day. So the county is issuing its first-ever Miami-themed condom to promote safer sex practices.

Think of it as no VD on Valentine’s Day. And beyond, because why stop at one day?

So what makes these condoms so Miami? They boast orange and yellow colors and palm trees.

“If you look at it, if you turn it to the side, you can see that there’s a sunrise, so we hope it’s a new beginning to what we’re doing,” Rene Diaz, executive director for Miami-Dade’s Office of Community Advocacy, told CBS4.

The branded condom props up the health department’s new “Getting 2 Zero Awareness” campaign, which aims for zero new HIV infections, zero stigma and zero discrimination.

There is much work to do. According to 2016 figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s HIV Surveillance Report, Miami-Dade had the highest HIV infection rate in the United States, with nearly 26,000 people living with HIV in Miami.

Diaz said, “It takes only one time to get infected. We’re hoping this new branded condom will get people excited about using it.”

Want one? Or more? Visit and enter your ZIP Code to find a location near you.


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