Repair the world one community at a time — that’s the end game for the employees and volunteers with local nonprofit JEWISHcolorado

“The goal is to strengthen and secure Jewish communities in Colorado, Israel and the world,” said Jennifer Korman, the organization’s vice president of strategy and programming. 

JEWISHcolorado was established in 1946 with the intent to build and sustain Jewish communities across the Denver metro area.

“We are commanded to work to repair the world and do good deeds to help bring that about,” said Andra Davidson, vice president of marketing and events with JEWISHcolorado. “All of the programs under our umbrella we hope contribute to that goal in some way.”

One way the organization is working to meet that goal is by providing more than 20,000 kosher-prepared meals annually to local Jewish seniors. Through the collaboration of five entities — Volunteers of America, Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center, Jewish Family Service of Colorado, Shalom Park and JEWISHcolorado — approximately 10,000 meals a year are served to Jewish seniors at weekly communal gatherings, and another 10,000 are delivered to house-bound Jewish seniors through the Kosher Meals on Wheels Program.


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